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Shadow Pro Series 2 - CF60mm Triple Gauge Set - OFFER

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Set of 3 Shadow Pro Series 2 Gauges

Included in set:
  • BF60mm Turbo Boost Gauge
  • BF60mm Oil Pressure Gauge
  • BF60mm Oil Temperature Gauge

Complete with all wiring, gauge pods, Sensors/Sender

Recognition 12-step brightness adjustment
SHADOW PRO2 辨識度      SHADOW PRO2 12段亮度調整

Designed to intensify the clarity of dial under the bright sunlight in daylight as well as being eye-catching and un-harsh to eyes at night, Shadow Pro 2 wiring can be interlocked to the car head lights (stereo or dashboard lights) night light switch.  In the design of dynamic pointer, Shadow Pro 2 intensifies the harmony with the original instrument dynamically.

The driver may require the different brightness of the gauge for daylight or night. Shadow Pro 2. equipped with 12-step brightness setting for choosing in accordance with different light.

Back Lighting construction SHADOW PRO2

Shadow Pro 2 adopts high-illumination LED as back light as well as the supporting of guided light board to diversify the light range of each LED, which enable the light beam conduction to its optimum.  The excellent guided light characteristics enable Shadow Pro to become one step ahead of the competition in recognition and fine shaping.


Waterproof connector

     SHADOW PRO2 12段亮度調整

All sensor connectors are waterproof design which can pass the signal accurately. This makes the signal of gauges be more stable and avoid the noise interference in the accuracy of indicator and sensor, all sensors are adopted to ground independently, not through other medium.


Three-core chip

Stepping motor

SHADOW PRO2 三核心    SHADOW PRO2 3240步進馬達



Shadow Pro 2 adopts micro stepping motor with built-in speed reduction ratio of 180:1 and accuracy as high as 0.083° at max. angular speed of 600°/sec. It's increased dial resolution at 270° means at least 3240 steps. The material selection and designing orientation is primarily focused on the anti-wearing and low noise which ensure the stepping motor long term operating in normal condition.

Three-core chip with multiprocessing presents high reaction velocity and accuracy, not only saving power but getting longer life.

SHADOW PRO2 SHADOW PRO2 可變色背光 Adjustable backlight

 Power  connection

Red/White LED installed, easy to change the colour any time by pressing two buttons simultaneously.

New Daisy-chain makes gauge power Installation of additional gauges quick and easy.
Warning and Peak function SHADOW PRO2
SHADOW PRO2 警示與峰值記憶功能

Driver can set up the warning value through push button. The warning effect includes warning light and buzzer. Shadow Pro 2 shall record the peak value during driving for driver’s reference.


Operation function keys

     SHADOW PRO2操作功能鍵
The Shadow Pro 2 controllers are connected to the back of control panel. Built in LED light with the warning function.
SHADOW PRO2 警示與峰值記憶功能Self-diagnosis SHADOW PRO2自我偵測
Shadow Pro 2 comes with self-diagnosis function.  Upon every start-up, the system will go self-diagnose the internal circuit to ensure the device in normal working condition.  Shadow Pro 2 will go into sleep mode if no signal detected from the sensor, in the meantime the gauge will pulse to alert the user to inspect or replace the sensor.


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